Our 'Full Feast' is now available for delivery due to it's popularity. It's the perfect option if you are looking to try various aspects of our food as you get a taster of nearly everything, from the fish  to the meats to the cheeses. The platter includes:


Smoked Crevettes (extra large unpeeled prawns)

Peeled Atlantic Prawns

Maldon Cure Smoked Salmon 250g


Smoked Mackeral

Smoked Salmon Pâté

1 Whole Duck Breast

1 Whole Smoked Chicken Breast

Marsh Pig Charcuterie Cured Meats Selection Pack (consisting of 2 types of salami as well as Lomo and Bresaola)

Smoked Brie

Smoked Stilton

Smoked Cheddar


Crusty Bread Rolls

Lemon Wedges

Sticky Pickle

Seafood Cocktail Sauce



The Marsh Pig is a wonderful purveyor of charcuterie cured meats, produced locally in Suffolk using only free-range pork.


Try our 'Deli Board' if it's just meats and cheese that appeal to you.

The Full Feast